Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh, Why Did Ever Buy That Dionne Warwick CD?

The vileness of Islam never ceases to amaze me. Here is what the “Traditions of the Prophet” have to say about music:

“Whoever listens to a female singer, molten lead will be poured into his ears on the Day of Judgement.” (Dha’ifu-Jami’ As-Saghir Lil-Albani no. 5410 and Ad-Dha’ifah no. 4549)

If could make only one trip in a time machine, I would go back to 7th century Mecca and pour molten lead into Muhammad’s filthy mouth. I am optimistic that he is receiving some of that treatment in Hell.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Matter of Survival

Islam is an evil ideology, just like Nazism and Bushido. It may be a religion as well, but that does not in any way excuse the fact that as an ideology it mandates conquest and subjugation and seeks to impose the barbaric customs of 7th century Arabia on the entire world. For that reason, if we wish freedom for ourselves and our progeny, we have no choice but to wage total war on all practitioners of Islam until such a time when they shall cease to be practitioners of Islam whether by persuasion or by death.

Accordingly, I believe nuclear weapons should be deployed against all Pakistani and Iranian nuclear facilities, so as to cause the total destruction of those countries' nuclear programs. Needless to say, the two unholy cities, Mecca and Medina, should be annihilated as well, with multiple ground bursts, so that they would be reduced to uninhabitable craters. Despite whatever bravado Muslims may spout about such a thing making them stronger, it is obvious it would be a tremendous blow to their morale and would cause a great many of them to question the veracity of Islam, for such is human nature.

This should all be done immediately and without warning. No more time should be wasted waiting for the inevitable next major attack, by which time Iran may have nuclear weapons in hand and Pakistan will certainly have added to its already sizable arsenal. No warning could be given because that would allow them to scatter nuclear weapons and save relics from the two cities, such as the accursed Black Stone of the Kaaba.

What would the world look like a week after these events? I expect Muslims would be humbled and subdued. If not, however, they would have to be made to understand that there is plenty more of the same bitter medicine for them. Targeting cities other than Mecca and Medina is something I would do with regret, but as I said, we must wager total war on all practitioners of Islam until such a time when they shall cease to be practitioners of Islam. To pretend that we are not at war with "moderate" Muslims makes no more sense than if someone had taken the same attitude toward moderate Nazis in World War II. Conversely, waging total war on Muslims is no more genocide than doing the same against the Germans and Japanese during the aforementioned conflict was. The goal is to eliminate a behavior, namely the practice of Islam and the attendant jihad, not the killing of individuals. Once the behavior ceases, the war shall cease as well.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Is the Mark of the Beast Upon Muslims?

I have come upon a disturbing bit of information, and it happened entirely by chance. It may be an extraordinary coincidence or something else.

Only yesterday, as I was browsing the ‘Net, I came across across a brief discussion of something called a zabiba, or Muslim prayer bump. This is basically a callus or scaly patch of skin some fanatical Muslims develop on their foreheads by hitting it too hard on the ground while prostrate in worship of Allah. I initially thought this unsightly bump on the head was just another oafish aspect of Mohammed’s queer religion. I considered writing a post about it, but discarded the idea. I thought it was not significant enough.

That assessment changed drastically when I happened to watch the Glenn Beck show online. It should be understood that I had never before watched that show online, and only two or three times on television. However, I am rather interested in the current developments in the Middle East, which Glenn Beck discusses in a realistic way, unlike almost every other mainstream media figure. He does not subscribe to the politically correct pablum about an "Arab Spring." So I thought I would give his show a try.

A search led me to the video below. The whole thing is well worth watching, but the crucial portion starts at about 33:00 and lasts only one minute. A transcript of that portion of the show also follows, with the most important passages in bold:
Video and Partial Transcript of the Glenn Beck Show of February 17, 2011

Starting at 33:10 on the accompanying video.

Glenn Beck: But then you get to the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast... Christians believe, you know, that you’re going to get some sort of a number and you’re marked.

Joel Richardson: According to the Bible, the Mark of the Beast is a mark that is put on the foreheads, that essentially condemns someone to Hell. On the Islamic side, the Muslims have picked up on this tradition, except that in Muslim tradition the Beast is a good guy and he marks the foreheads of all true Muslims, and in essence Muslims are desiring that they would receive the Mark of the Beast.

Glenn Beck: And this... who’s the Beast, the Anti-Christ or is...

Joel Richardson: The Beast, according to Islamic tradition, is a literal beast that comes up out of the earth.

Glenn Beck [pointing at blackboard where features of the Beast are listed]: Ahmadinejad, when he says the Twelfth Imam, he wants this guy to come?

Joel Richardson: He wants the Mahdi.
[Transcriber’s note: as the previous discussion during the show had made clear, the Mahdi is the Sunni counterpart to the Shiite Twelfth Imam.]

Glenn Beck [pointing at blackboard where features of the Beast are listed]: Okay, perfect. Hasten the return of this guy.

Now, my friends, I submit to you these pictures of Muslims bearing the zabiba, none of which has been altered:

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's second in command

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber

Imran Sheikh Attari, radical cleric from Pakistan

Abdel-Latif Moussa, radical cleric from Gaza

Unknown Muslim

Mohammad Reza Naghdi, commander of Iran's Basij militia

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, murderer of Salman Taseer

Unknown Muslim

What this sad gallery shows is that the zabiba is usually seen not on ordinary Muslims, but on individuals who have truly chosen the path of evil, who have dedicated their lives to jihad and to the promotion of the most militant forms of Mohammedanism. That is why I believe the connection to the biblical Mark of the Beast is valid.

One issue that must be discussed. The Bible states that the Mark of the Beast is a number or a name (Rev. 13:16-17), but could it be possible that the zabiba is a sort of embryonic mark to "reward" the most loyal adepts of evil in the time before the Beast's rule begins? Later, when plausible deniability is no longer necessary, the "prayer bump" might metamorphose into the actual Mark of the Beast.

Incidentally, the zabiba is most commonly found in Egypt, the very country liberals are portraying out as the new beacon of democracy of the Middle East.

Islam is a false religion of brutality and subjugation. Those who dedicate themselves to it in effect dedicate themselves to evil. So make your judgment: do these Muslims have the Mark of the Beast upon their foreheads?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Response to Politically Correct Views on Ground Zero Mosque and Islam

This exchange originally appeared on An individual who is well-intentioned, but whose views fall strictly within the politically correct spectrum, laments the supposed villainization of Muslims. My response follows.
Time and again, I have read very negative things written about Muslims, all of them untrue. 
Ridiculous things such as all Muslims being in plot to over throw the United States by Jihad, all Muslims being sympathetic to terrorists, all Muslims favor stoning woman for the most petty of sins, Islam being a religion founded none other than Satan himself and the Koran being the most evil book in the world. All these accusations reared their ugly head just a few months ago when some of our neighbors wanted to build a house of worship in New York City, and creep in no matter what context Islam is discussed in. 
There is no real good way to refute any of these accusations. If their lunacy is not immediately apparent at face value, then its pretty hard to discuss them seriously. Nonetheless, I wish to attempt to demonstrate how these making these slanderous claims is an affront to the dignity of the human individuals that follow Islam.

Lets for a moment assume that Islam was indeed started by Satan. A ridiculous claim, as far as I'm concerned - I'm sure Satan has claimed the establishment of Islam, but as we all know, Satan is the Father of Lies.
But, for argument's sake, lets allow the claim. Even if everything about Islam were evil, and its teachings were a one-way ticket to Hell, there is a much more important truth:
Every Human Being is created in the Image of God, and every Human Being has the Natural Law imprinted in their Heart and Conscience. 

This is fundamental to the Catholic faith. Bishop's and philosophers have derived so much of our understanding of God by observing human nature and reconciling it with the Gospel. We understand the Ten Commandments because, before they were imprinted on stone tablets, they were imprinted in our Humanity.
Muslims are Human. Even Human's that follow a Satanic Cult have the True Commandment's imprinted in their heart. Its a fact that Satan will succeed and lure some people to disobey the commandments and into Hell, but there are nearly eight hundred million Human Beings, scattered throughout Southern China, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Madagscar, Northern Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East, that it is patently ridiculous to believe Satan's claim of total dominion over them.
All glory and honor belongs to the God of Adam, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, and the God who is Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed. Muslim's may have failed to recognize the Divine Incarnation of the Son, but they worship the God of Abraham and Moses just as we do. 
Human's are created in the image of the God of Adam. No matter how corrupted the interpretation they have of God, this fact, their human dignity, will always point their hearts and souls in worship of the True God as revealed to Humanity through the Catholic Church.
Humans are inherently good. This is a fact of our faith. To presuppose a group of Humans, whether Muslim, Hindu, or Protestant as Evil, is a violation of their Human Dignity, and an affront to the God who made us in His Image.

I take issue with your distortions regarding rightful criticism of Islam. First of all, you are using a series of straw man arguments to try to show that negative views of Islam or Muslims are unreasonable. By using, and in fact emphasizing, the word "all", you only have to present a single Muslim who does not follow the tenets of his religion in order to tear down your own straw men. Of course, no sensible person claims that all Muslims are actively waging jihad, are in favor of stoning women, etc. although those claims are precisely true of a great many Muslims worldwide. In Egypt, for instance, a recent poll reveals that 82% of the population is indeed in favor of stoning adulterers. Considering the 10% or so of Egyptians who are Christian and thus likely to oppose this practice, that means nearly all Egyptian Muslims support stoning. But you are right: nearly all is not all.

As to Islam being evil, having been founded by Satan, etc. let us consider that it is a false religion that destroyed a great portion of the ancient Christian world and has been trying to conquer the remainder ever since. If you dispute that Islam is false, you are not a Catholic or a Christian; if you dispute that it has tried to conquer all of Christendom, you know nothing about either Islam or history. Now what would you call a false religion that incites its followers to destroy through violence the One True Faith? "Evil" seems like a pretty fair description. Is Satan the author of all evil, though? That is a philosophical question surely beyond the scope of this post.

If Islam is evil then, why should the citizens of a Christian country (and we do not concede that the United States is anything else) want any mosques in their midst at all? Do we really want to facilitate Islamic proselytism? Do we really wish to encourage further Islamic immigration by making unredeemed Muslims feel right at home? In particular, do we desire those things at the very place where a few short years ago Muslims committed the greatest atrocity in this nation's history? Even if we lay all evidence aside and assume for a moment that the people behind the Ground Zero Mosque are the finest specimens of human being on God's green earth, it is inevitable that Muslim militants worldwide will see it as a victory mosque, and will see us as too weak to prevent to them from celebrating the carnage they inflicted right on top of the bones of our dead.

And, by the way, it is without dispute the Ground Zero Mosque. An engine from one the planes that hit the Twin Towers fell on the very spot where the so-called "Cordova Center" (whose very name honors the Muslim conquest of Christian Spain) is to be located. That makes the spot, forever, part of Ground Zero.

As to Muslims being fellow humans made in the image of God, I doubt anyone at all disputes that, least of all a Catholic. But how does that manifest truth apply to any of your arguments? Should we pretend Islam is something it is not--namely, true and good--in the name of not hurting the feelings of Muslims?

If we truly love Muslims as fellow human beings and if we wish them to gain eternal salvation, the last thing we should do is to handle their false and malignant religion with kid gloves as you seem intent on doing. The pagans of the ancient world were not converted solely by gentleness. Rather, their temples were knocked down or converted to churches and pagan priests were forcibly dismissed. The same was true of the mass conversions of the Aztecs and the Incas. In large part, all of these heathens--whose souls would very likely have been otherwise lost--embraced Christianity because there was no alternative; their old cults had ceased to exist. When human beings are in thrall to a false religion, often the kindest thing one can for them is to be very unkind to their religion. To me, it seems clear that very much applies to Muslims in our day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, Joy! Egyptians Are Now Free (to Rape American Women)

I PREDICTED THAT THE NITWITS OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD REGRET AIDING AND ABETTING THE HYSTERIA FOR “CHANGE” in Egypt. Perhaps the more moderate consumers of Kool-Aid among them have already begun to rethink their position now that one of their colleagues, Lara Logan, has been sexually brutalized by the nice pro-democracy activists of Tahrir Square.

Hosni Mubarak was far from an admirable figure as ruler of Egypt. He allowed his cronies to loot the national treasury (although his alleged personal fortune of $70 billion is very likely a fantastic exaggeration) and he regularly failed to protect Egypt’s Christian minority, in fact blaming “foreign hands” for bombing Coptic churches instead of the obvious culprits, Egyptian Moslems. The man after all is himself a Moslem. Nevertheless, he was sensible enough to keep the peace with Israel and to realize that, contrary to Koranic prescriptions, the Arabia of the Dark Ages falls short as a model for a 21st century society. Indeed, compared to what now looms over his country, Mubarak was a prince of a man.

In yet another eerie parallel to the 1979 Iranian revolution, Egypt has its own version of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Moslem Brotherhood. Like Khomeini, he is an elderly cleric living in exile, made popular among his fellow Mohammedans by his hair-raisingly radical pronouncements, who has waited his whole life for the chance to institute “real” Islam in his native land, you know, the kind of righteous religion that bans music, cuts off hands and feet, makes women go around in 120°F wearing a tent, makes Christians pay up not to be slaughtered (right away), and allows Moslem men to express their joy by raping infidel reporters at will. Of course, the politically correct crowd will point out that Qaradawi belongs to the Sunni, rather than the Shiite, flavor of Islamo-thuggery, but I think the readership of this humble blog sees through that particular distinction without a difference.

The Moslem Brotherhood claims they will not run a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, and I believe them. Someone like al-Qaradawi is not going to condescend to something as Western and as decadent as running for office, especially when there are much easier ways to achieve total power. The good Brothers are as familiar with the triumph of the Islamic Revolution as anyone, and they recognize a successful modus operandi when they see it. So instead of having to worry about actually winning an election, they find it much easier to put their muscle behind some poor doofus (perhaps el-Baradei, perhaps somebody else) who is held up as a moderate consensus candidate, and then when he wins, make him into their puppet. Of course, if President Pinocchio is not compliant enough, they can easily come up with a pretext to get rid of him and install someone who is.

By the grace of God almighty, there shall come a blessed day when Egypt and the rest of the Middle East are free of the shackles Mohammed and his Moslem cutthroats fastened on that part of the world so many centuries ago, but until then, the Mubarak era will look like a golden age compared to what is very likely to come.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Caught in the Whirlwind

MANY IN THE WEST ARE NOT AWARE THAT EGYPT HAS THE MIDDLE EAST’S LARGEST CHRISTIAN POPULATION. Anywhere between five and fifteen percent of a total population of 80 million is Christian, which means that Egypt is home to at least four million and perhaps as many as 12 million long-suffering Christians, the higher figure being about as many as the entire population of a medium-sized country, such as the Czech Republic.

Another little known fact is that the vast majority of these Christians are not converts or newcomers, but the remnant of Egypt’s original non-Arab population that has faithfully resisted conversion to Islam for more than 13 centuries, despite persecution that has been constant and often brutal. These Christians are called Copts, an old Greek word meaning simply “Egyptian”, which is an indication of their status as the original sons and daughters of the land. Much smaller Christian groups such as Armenians, Italians and Melkite Catholics are present as well, though their numbers have shrunk considerably in recent decades.

Now, however, Egypt’s Christians are perhaps facing a greater peril than ever before. If the Moslem Brotherhood seizes power—which may be only a matter of time—the situation for Christians will go from merely horrible to truly impossible because their condition as “infidels” will cause them to be subjected to the most severe forms of Mohameddan thuggery.

Our goal for Egypt must not be meek acceptance of the grim fate about to befall that ancient nation, or even mere containment, but liberation from the oppression, ignorance and degradation imposed by Islam. Only then, after so many centuries, will Egypt be able to resume its position as a member of the family of civilized nations. In the meantime—if worse comes to worst—conscientious citizens of Western countries must be ready to pressure their governments to receive our Coptic brethren as refugees, for such a status would be entirely genuine when applied to them. As to Moslems, however, except for a very few extraordinary cases, they must not be admitted into Christian countries, not only for the obvious reason that we do not want an increase in their number among us, but also because Moslems ought to finally learn that if they make a bed they must lie down in it.

Furthermore, I opine that Mecca and Medina must be destroyed.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Worse, the Better

I CONCUR WITH ROLAND SHIRK'S ASSESSMENT THAT IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME until Egypt is in the grubby hands of the Moslem Brotherhood. As it happens, though, this is one instance in which the worst case scenario is actually the best case scenario. That is so because we who reject dhimmitude want the Mohameddan thugs to show their true face. We want them to overplay their hand and go into full jihad mode. That way our even the most indolent of our compatriots will have no choice but to wake up from their slumber of hedonism and political correctness and do something to save Western civilization—even if that something is merely not voting against those who are ready to act.

Coexistence between any two opposing forces is only possible if they are both willing to accept in principle the legitimacy and permanence of the other side. However, while Westerners have been willing to share the planet with the Moslems and all other members of the human family, for the sons of Mohammed (hellfire be upon him) only conquest will do—any period of peace is to them only a temporary lull in which to gather strength in order to resume conquest at the first opportune moment. Indeed, if they acted otherwise they would cease to be Moslems.

Now, after nearly 1,400 years Mohammed’s damnable cult is finally poised to achieve its long-time goal of destroying Christian civilization, our enemies having figured out that thanks to the stupidity, greed and cravenness of much of our ruling elites, they can conquer us without firing a shot or swinging a scimitar. All they have to do is apply for an immigrant visa. Then they can settle in our lands and start building mosques and raising multitudes of Moslem babies—all generously subsidized by the welfare state. In France, 30 percent of school-age children are already Moslems. In Michigan, the number is not far behind. Who doubts that all of America and all of Europe will have a Moslem majority if things don’t change?

Thus, it is clear that coexistence with the Moslem world is not an option—not any longer. It is only through confrontation, by standing up for our culture and our faith, and waging a relentless war on all fronts that we will save ourselves.

Furthermore, I opine that Mecca and Medina must be destroyed.