Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Dirty, Little Moslem Secret: Boys Turned into Sex Slaves

MOSLEM MORALITY IS FALSE MORALITY. Moslems like to blather about how their bogus religion makes them superior to the despised Christian world. However, all it takes is a slightly closer look at what goes on in Moslem societies for it to become clear that Moslem assertions of moral superiority are nothing but rank hypocrisy—even when contrasted to the degenerate values that have taken hold of the West in recent decades.

Bacha bazi dancing in early 20th century Samarkand
Among the many practices that belie the self-serving depiction of Moslems as paradigms of rectitude is the revolting practice of bacha bazi (literally, “playing with boys”). This consists of obtaining prepubescent and adolescent boys, sometimes as war booty, but more often simply by buying them from their parents or guardians, and reducing them to the condition of transvestite slaves, who are forced to pleasure their “masters” by dancing in a lewd and effeminate way, but most crucially by submitting to the basest desires of the “master” and his guests.

At present, bacha bazi is most often found in that primitive, mean land called Afghanistan, but it was once much more widespread. One Anthony Shay, the author of a book whose title is “The Male Dancer in the Middle East and Central Asia”, described the reasons for the decline of this loathsome practice as “Victorian era prudery and severe disapproval of colonial powers such as the Russians, British, and French, and the post colonial elites who had absorbed those Western colonial values.” This writer is presumably either a pederast himself or a particularly abject dhimmi, but he does reveal an important truth: if bacha bazi is no longer ubiquitous all over the Mohammedan world, if it has at least been confined to Afghanistan, a country barbaric even by Moslem standards, it is only because of the influence of the supposedly iniquitous foreign kuffar.

Likewise, the feeble efforts being made to eradicate bacha bazi occur only through the efforts of Westerners present in Afghanistan, and of a precious few Western-influenced Afghans. The PBS series Frontline presented a documentary film on the topic in 2010 that served to raise awareness of the issue, and the topic has also appeared in several online media.

In reality, the persistence of bacha bazi is hardly surprising. Man-boy copulation is an time-honored practice within Islam. In his inimitable guide book, “The World’s Most Dangerous Places”, Robert Young Pelton relates that during the 1990s, mujahedeen were wont to set up road blocks on Afghan roads. In addition to robbing anyone who came along, if a boy was unfortunate enough to fall into their hands, he would be made to dress in a bridal gown and then take part in a mock wedding ceremony drenched in alcohol and opium. The happy occasion would culminate with the young lad being sodomized en masse. This often happened in the presence of his father and other relatives.

In the celebrated Persian love poetry of the High Middle Ages, as a rule the beloved is not a woman, but a boy. Moreover, Islam is the only major religion with a mainstream current, namely Sufism (the same one as at the Ground Zero mosque), that presents pederasty as a way to commune with God. Laughably, Sufism has a reputation among politically correct Westerners as a more tolerant kind of Islam. It is nothing of the kind, but simply a form of mystical Islam, every bit as dogmatic and damnable as the more familiar versions. Spengler of Asia Times Online put it well when he said, “by their fruits shall ye know them.” 

Sufism, with its predilection for sex with prepubescent males still holds considerable sway over the Islamic world, despite the enmity of the Sunni and Shi’ite branches, both more concerned with waging jihad. Sadly, it appears that a great many Moslems have decided to split the difference and obsess equally over buggering young boys and slaying “infidels”.

Furthermore, I opine that Mecca and Medina must be destroyed.



  1. Where is the proof of this happening in Muslim contries? Chrisians are the ones who have marriage of man with man. In contries under Islam homosex is extremely rare, mostly done by foreigners and people who fall under their persuasion. Islam does not allow homosex and you lie once again when you alledge these falsehoods against god's religion.

    I warn you sir, you will be held liable for your conduct. Stop spreading lies about Islam.

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